Emma has-always-a place of honor and gratitude in my heart for being my first bride/bridal project.  She trusted me without question, and I was very proud of the work we accomplished because she knew what she wanted and wasn’t shy about stating it.

Emma’s dress is the fairytale come to life, a cloud of silk dupionis and silk chiffons.  The skirt and bodice were made as separates, allowing her to shed the skirt post-ceremony and don the jeans and cowgirl boots befitting her farm wedding.  The armband sleeves were also her genious idea, a way to create the flowing elegance she desired without obstructing her inclination for a strapless corset,  a lovely look that we repeated for her six bridesmaids.

Emma rode into her ceremony on horseback, every inch the fairytale queen of the wood;  this woman has and always will know how to make an entrance.