Holly very sweetly told me that she wanted me to do the designing on her dress;  that she trusted my ‘eye’ and was open to my ideas.  And as kind as that is, she is the bride, and I, of course, wanted her to be absolutely satisfied that her dress flattered her and made her feel like her wonderful, beautiful self!

So, after much discussion and sample selecting, we chose a sumptuous double-faced silk satin for the body with an overlay on the bodice of silk organza which I would hand pleat, horizontally.  Subtle but important details emerged as we built and fit:  the slight sweetheart line of the bodice top, the band of satin that became the frame along the top.  The red beads that became faux ‘buttons’ on the back and the red silk band peeking out from the hem were the final touch–unplanned but just what the gown needed.

Holly’s poise and endearing kindness in that gown, on her wedding day, reminded me of none other than Princess Grace Kelly.