Secret Garden Gown

Lovely ladies Sarah and Jessica are not brides, but they each model this gown amazingly!

This gown was created for no other reason than that the ideas wove themselves into my head and crystallized into a form that was too enticing not to try to create.  It began with wanting to build a corset out of tride and true materials: coutil, a tightly woven fabric made specifically for corsets, and spiral steel boning, a miraculous item that allows for full body motion while still forming the necessary structure for corsetry.   This forms the inner layer of the gown.

On the outside, I wove hand-dyed silk ribbons in ‘Autumn’ color palette to form the upper bodice.  The lower portion began as a pure white silk shantung embellished with soutache.  I tea-dyed the fabric, then painted the soutache and added beading amidst the floral pattern.  I also added various asymmetrical appliques from cut-outs of an amazing metallic lace fabric.  The skirt portion is a deep copper fabric that is half hemp, half silk.  It has a slight textural quality with gorgeous shine, and is really durable.

It is a source of pride to me that the women who have worn this gown in a show or to be photographed all say that it is exceedingly comfortable and makes them feel utterly gorgeous.  That, I think, is the best compliment I could hope for.