Kiley’s most fervent request was that she be able-with slight alterations-to continue wearing her wedding gown long after her wedding.  I applauded her for this wide perspective, and for her late September wedding we chose an eggshell, baby-wale stretch corduroy, which may be one of the most unique choices I’ve ever had agreed to by a bride!

The silhouette was kept to an ultra-simple, scoop-necked, cap-sleeved A-line:  classic but modern, lovely without being fussy.  The idea was to hem the dress to knee-length post-wedding, keeping all other elements intact.  We added some topstitching for detail and a contrasting velvet ribbon around the waist for definition.

It all worked beautifully on her tall, curvy, gorgeous figure, and its simplicity let the charm of Kiley’s effervescent, infectious personality shine through on her wedding day!


*All photos courtesy MB Celella Photography