Rebecca J.

Rebecca’s sweet, earthy personality made her easy to like and also a cinch to work with on a bridal project.  In fact, when we first got together, she was taken with an original gown design I had already started, so we fleshed out it’s trajectory in terms of her vision and I continued to work on it.

Becca’s needs were less defined by outer circumstances and more by a personal desire for the gown to feel like it matched herself.  This can be a difficult thing to put into words, and the event of a wedding is often the first time a person is asked to articulate such a thing.  It’s what can make the whole process feel very intimate and why I so enjoy the physiological aspect of dressing a woman.

What emerged is this gorgeous redhead in a playful yet sensuous gown of Italian mohair/wool open-weave knit layered over a tea-dyed soy/organic cotton jersey.  The silk crepe flounces placed vertically at the bottom created movement and femininity, and the deep teal silk covered buttons added a pop of color.

The vibe was just right for Rebecca’s informal indoor/outdoor Thanksgiving wedding, where her lovely smile and curves for miles stole every scene.