Mia was a bride with a carefree attitude and joyful spirit beneath her thoroughly calm demeanor. She eschewed the traditional bridal white in favor of soft spring colors, and delighted me with hilariously creative descriptions of the looks that certain favored bridal gown styles effect.

Mia is short, but has a figure full of curves. We highlighted her gorgeous hourglass body with a full-length gown of soft gold silk crepe-backed satin in a princess-seamed style that didn’t overwhelm her petite frame. As is frequently my method, I focused the detailing on the back of the gown, this time in the form of a central panel overlay running the entire length of the gown that created visual height and a pattern that spoke to Mia’s love of nature, beautiful character, and zen approach to life. The overlay also extended into a band across the front of the gown for interest and continuity. The gown’s panels were cut with a wide, flared hem because Mia comes from a dancing family, and she wanted the gown to move as much as she knew she would during the festivities.

Collaborating with Mia was a lot of fun, as I knew it would be, and I’m proud of what was created–a very original, flattering gown that seemed to visually symbolize the season and the very natures of this lovely, artistic pair on the day of their marriage.

*All photos courtesy of Jeffrey C. Gleason Photography