Rosalba Valentino is a fashion artist born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. She received her BFA at Virginia Commonwealth University before returning to her hometown where she opened her business, Rosalba Couture, offering hand-made fashion & accessories, custom sewing & design, and alterations services.

I had the pleasure of meeting Rosalba through my makeup artist. From the beginning I saw the talent Rose had with her unbelievable creativity in designing pieces of clothing that were artistic originals yet still wearable. Not to be a NY snob,but WHAT was this girl doing in the Valley in Virginia??? I highly recommend Rosalba Valentino…whether patching up a bridal gown or needing a full couture fashion piece like no other. Then…save the piece because it will be worth lots when people really discover Ms.V !!
— Rayzor Bachand, Photographer

My pieces are mixes of the past and present — I give them a new future. The ability of clothing to weave histories, people, feelings, memories, social climates — this energy — is what I love most about working with textiles. We feel who we are through our social understanding of styles, but we play with that, we control it  and shape it, all over the world, right now.
— Rosalba Valentino

Rosalba creates custom bridal and formal gowns for women, as well as designing her own one-of-a-kind pieces that mix vintage goods with new textiles for unconventional and alluring effects. She sources both local and worldwide with an emphasis on reuse and reclamation. Living close to nature inspires her designs, fabric choices and methods; whenever possible, Rosalba uses organic and fair trade fabrics, vintage goods, found objects, and ‘slow fashion’ building processes.